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Monday, February 11, 2013

Crap Weather, Errands, and Yoga

What's with this foul weather? First there's a snow storm that apparently shut down Suffolk county and now this rain is threatening to give me perpetual bad hair day. I give up.

After four months of putting this off, I finally walked over to Hermes to get my clic clac H bracelet fixed. Now it's going to Paris for 4-6 months to be realigned. So glad my bracelet gets such a lovely extended vacation. I am missing it very much.

just a few of my favorite things

In case there's a reader out there who has always wanted to buy me an overpriced gift, I absolutely love the jungle green bracelet.

There is a grey one with the H in white that is kind of tacky and kind of awesome. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it because I foolishly believed it would be available online. If I find a pic, I'll post it. Bonus points to the reader who photographs it and sends me the JPEG.

So after walking in the rain to Hermes and then coming home, I went back to Aubrey's yoga class. Loved it.

Those are an ex-boyfriend's old sweatpants.
The relationship was entirely worth it for those pants.

There were a lot more people there than last week but luckily I secured my spot in the very front to the right of where the instructor goes. That's my spot in every class if I can get it.

The highlight of today's class was practicing crow. I suck at it and usually make one feeble attempt to get up there on my arms and then give up. I do remember being able to do it in high school, so I know it's not impossible. Apparently a lot of us were struggling, so Aubrey had us lay down on our backs and put our arms and legs into crow from there. Then we all flipped back over and low and behold, I was able to into crow for a whole five seconds. Genius.

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