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Monday, February 4, 2013

Yoga Night

I went to yoga at 7:45 PM at the 85th and 3rd Equinox. On Mondays I have the luxury of escaping my office in the afternoon to see my therapist and then finishing up the workday at my apartment. I figured since I was home, I should get to the gym.

Don't mind me. Just casually taking photos of myself.
I haven't made it to a yoga class in a while and tonight I felt really good about my practice. I felt strong (as in I can hold this downdog and flip it bitch strong) and more flexible. I completely noticed how different my leg muscles felt after getting that massage last week. I was much more aligned in Warrior I and II and I didn't have that shooting pain up my shin. I felt more open in my twists and it was a great boost to my confidence to know that I had less of a gut to hike over my leg.

I also liked this instructor. Her name is Aubrey Lampkin. She was just the right amount of supportive/encouraging and funny. She also played a sweet playlist of folksy songs. I was into it.

Speaking of songs, I've been on a real Ben Folds tear lately. I had a Ben Folds Spotify radio station on during my run on Sunday and this song I really liked came on but I forgot to "like" it. Today I was Googling the lyrics I could remember on the ride into work and now Google is providing me with links to suicide prevention websites and the eharmony blog. The song is called "A Working Day" in case you're interested. 

Even if you're not interested, here's been the soundtrack of my life today.

And as we learned last week, people are pinning a photo of my wing tattoos when they were fresh and bleeding to Pinterest. Please folks, at least pin the photo below. They look so much better.

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  1. I hate when I skip over proofreading and realize that I put your for you're. It's fixed. I feel so ashamed.


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