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Friday, January 27, 2017

Mulligan on Weight Loss Wednesday aka Friday 1.27.17

Despite someone telling me I shouldn't be eating Triscuits last night because I was already gaining weight, I am back to 141.6 lbs this morning. Don't listen to anyone who tells you not to eat Triscuits, especially if you bought them AND you bought the good rosemary and olive oil kind.

After driving that total pompous ass* to the airport, I came home and thought I looked pretty lean as I got out of the shower. I hopped on the scale and low and behold, I'm back on track for pool season.

Pool season starts in mid-April and last through the beginning of football season. If the Dawgs aren't playing until the evening, you can totally find me in the pool until about October. I start April with my bikini ready body, and by Memorial Day it looks like I'm four months pregnant. Thanks Miller Lite.

*He's actually not that terrible. I may have asked him to provide negative reinforcement as motivation to stick my macros since I miss my ex-boyfriend telling me I eat too many carbs. However, he did try to claim he was taking an Uber until he told me to stay in bed until he was ready to leave because how else was he getting to the airport.

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