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Monday, January 30, 2017

I'm Losing My Gains!

So I know that I regularly claim that I'm losing my gains, usually when I'm hangry or unable to do anymore pull-ups. Except it turns out that I actually am losing my gains.

On Saturday, Body Fat Test Atlanta came to CrossFit Identity with the dunk tank. This was my fourth test. The great news - I'm at 18.6% body fat. The bad news - I lost 0.55 lbs of muscle. This is on top of the pound of muscle I lost between 2014 and 2015. I know about half of you are rolling your eyes over 1.55 lbs, and the other half of you are about to send me condolence letters. Do you know how freaking hard it is to gain a pound of muscle? Really. Freaking. Hard.

Grace, the technician, said I'm not eating enough. And she said to eat more carbs. I thought about proposing to her. I've increased my macros to 140 P 185 C 65 F for three days a week, and will continue with 135 P 165 C and 65 F for the other four days while I try to get comfortable with the idea of eating so many carbs. Jason Phillips wrote a great blog post about metabolic adaptation where he points out the difficult psychological response to reverse dieting and the worry that one must gain some weight in order to lose weight. I want visible abs. I want to be yoked. I don't want my goals to be at odds with one another.

After mourning my lost muscle mass, I drove up to Suwanee to celebrate my badass CrossFit Identity family who competed at CrossFit No Excuses. We went to Taco Mac and I inhaled buffalo wings, sweet potato fries and vodka because carbs.

And then Kayte and I practiced our duck faces with Rachel's phone.

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