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Thursday, January 26, 2017

New Year, New Goals: 2017 Edition

Fitness and Nutrition

WOD 200 times in 2017: I need to WOD approximately 17 times a month to hit this goal. Honestly, I think meeting this goal really depends on how often I travel for work and how much I am willing to spend in drop-in fees. Discovering that CrossFit Downtown Atlanta offers 11 AM classes on Saturdays and Sundays, plus a noon Sunday class is probably going to be the only way I hit this goal. I don't know how my friends show up to the 8:15 AM CFID class after going out with me the night before. Masochists...

Follow my macros at least 6 days a week: I'm pretty dang good about about tracking my food and hitting my numbers Monday through Friday, but I stopped consistently tracking my weekends a while ago. I'm going to report the number of Saturdays and Sundays I tracked each month to hold me accountable.

Drink 96 oz (4 Tervises) of water daily: I was so good at drinking water and now I'm always drinking iced coffee and protein shakes.


Go to church: I started going to St. Paul's Presbyterian back in August and I really began to enjoy it. I think showing up twice a month and going to community dinner on Wednesdays whenever I'm in town is a reasonable commitment.

Call a friend who lives outside of Atlanta each month: I guess I stay in reasonable touch with people via Facebook, but I haven't been great at maintaining relationships with my friends from New York, college, or high school. I know this because I text them when I see their Instagram engagement posts and see that I haven't messaged them in over a year.

Say no to shit I don't want to do: Not many people would describe me as a pushover, but man do I agree to do a ton of crap that I just don't want to do. This is exactly how I am still signed up for a GMAT exam for which I haven't studied. I don't even have plans to go to business school! I'm not planning on becoming a Negative Nancy, but it's really okay to take stock of a situation and decide it's not for me. Basically my goal is to become selfish in 2017. Woot woot.

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