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Thursday, June 20, 2013

CrossFit Essentials Day 2

On this bright and glorious morning I am in the office working, and by working I mean doing my CrossFit homework. Last night was Day 2 of my Essentials class and it was awesome.

I had packed a really cute day-glo outfit to wear last night but then I realized that I had forgotten to shave so I had to wear some running gear I had stashed in my desk. Note to self: Now that you've quit Equinox, you can no longer rely on a nice woman stocking up on disposable razors and Barbasol for you. I need to better equip the gym locker that is my desk. What? You keep work-related items in yours?

I was concerned that I might be ridiculed for wearing an I ♥ Running tech shirt to CrossFit but apparently what you wear isn't really a concern of anyone else's. This blows my mind because at the Long Island Equinoxes (almost) everyone is in color-coordinated, class-specific outfits all the way down to their shoes. Why do you think I own so many sneakers?

Jesse is fired as photographer because I look like a shrunken midget crackhead.
We reviewed the shoulder press, push press, and learned the push jerk. We did a little work on the rings. We practiced being angry gorillas (it has to do with form.) We learned the sumo deadlift high pull, which somehow I was able to execute reasonably well. We learned to properly row and then we did some burpees. I'm good at burpees. Thanks Yves for all that practice.

I'm nervous that I am going to forget everything by next week and flail around hopelessly. I am going to ask on Friday what time is their least busiest class and then sign myself up each day.

I went home, took a shower, and made Dr Praeger's Potato Crusted Fish Fillets with a side of frozen vegetables. Baby steps people. I'm not going to become Julia Child overnight. But someone who is a pretty amazing cook and blogs about it can be found here.

Mine didn't come out looking like this by the way.
And I hopped on the scale to see if my eyes had deceived me. No. I actually weighed 0.2 lbs less at the end of the day. BAM.

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