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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My First WOD

Last night I went to my very first real WOD, or Work-Out of the Day. I was super excited to be able to sign up on the website but then I was anxious about going all day. I have spent my entire life avoiding things I'm not good at. Ice skating lessons? My four-year-old self used my exceptional grasp of the English language to distract the instructor. Rope climbing in gym class? Oh wait, I think the awkward kid fell and hurt himself and needs someone to accompany him to the nurse. And I absolutely refused to drop-in at CrossFit 5th Ave with the 23-year-old no matter how many times he casually mentioned it in an email because there was no way in hell he was going to see me flounder around trying to follow along. (We think he's alive by the way, but he wants nothing to do with me and I finally figured out that he is less than a year older than my little sister and I am disgusted by this realization.) It's only been in the last few years that I've learned to put myself out there and it's never in front of anyone who is going to see me naked.

I signed up for 7:45 PM class because it's less packed than the 5 - 7 classes. This has been great for keeping  me in the office to follow up with folks in San Diego on teacher credentialing. 

Brushing my teeth to hide the fact that I spent the day
mainlining coffee and inhaling a pack of cigarettes.
I've finally found a purpose for the Nike Frees I hated running in. I like how my feet feel like they are gripping the ground in them. I'm really just waiting until I can get a pair of these but I want them customized in American flag print. #Murica.

I checked out the WODs for the week in the morning and was comforted that Monday's would be my first WOD. I know I can do a front squat so what could go wrong?

Since I actually don't know what the text below means, I had no idea what was expected of me. Turns out its based on your one rep max high bar back squat (HBBS). My organization LOVES acronyms so I'm all for abbreviating the shit out of things. Unfortunately that means I can't read that damn whiteboard. Where is my onboarding terminology one-pager?

The coach was really great about explaining what I should do since I don't have a one rep max HBBS, which was figure out what I can front squat. Unfortunately I didn't catch his name at the beginning of class, but hopefully he teaches another 7:45 PM.

I partnered with a girl named Molly and we decided to do 10 reps of each weight. We started with just the lady bar, which is 33 lbs. Then we tried 5 lbs plates on either side. That was pretty easy too so we tried 10 lbs plates. We went up to 15 lbs, which is 63 lbs total, and I'm pretty sure I could have gone heavier but we ran out of time. Molly's wrists are a hell of a lot more flexible than mine and she was able to keep a loose finger grip on the barbell. I need to work on my flexibility so that I can do the same and make right angles with my elbows.

We then split into two groups and got on the rowing machines. I managed to fall off of mine. The WOD was switched to row for meters and I had 1216 meters when I was finished. I think that was pretty decent.

By the end of this summer, I am going to have ugly callouses on my hands.
I will be so proud.

Unfortunately my check in was not properly recorded yesterday and I received an email about my being absent this morning. Because I am neurotic, this discrepancy in my attendance has bothered me ALL DAY. I cannot begin to tell you how badly I need the MINDBODY website updated to reflect my participation.

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