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Friday, June 21, 2013

CrossFit Essentials Day 3

Today was my final day of Essentials and it was more than awesome.

As I mentioned before, we had homework for today's class, which was to read about presses and squats in the CrossFit Journal and to watch how to do a snatch and a clean and jerk on YouTube. As a former teacher, I take homework very seriously although I can count on one hand the number of times I graded it in three years. 

I was able to accomplish an impressive amount of work this week so my Friday was pretty light. This gave me ample time to watch CrossFit videos at my desk before class. And then there was the moment when I realized that my coworkers could see me following along with the videos.

I got over this potentially embarrassing situation fairly quickly (I just don't think I'm capable of feeling embarrassment anymore), and proceeded to own it. And by own it, I changed into my workout clothes 30 minutes early and full on jumped around my cubicle.

Jesse has been rehired as photographer
Jesse came back to MEGA Desk and was overwhelmed by the beauty of my day-glo outfit, saying she loved everything about what was going on there. Then I made her take some photos.

I've got some more weight to lose and I'm excited to work on my core in CrossFit, but can we please just take a moment to admire how amazing my legs look?

I headed down to the box at around 5:50 PM and went upstairs to wait for class to begin. I feel so much more comfortable hanging around up there now than I ever have before, which is good because I was willing to wait in my office until the very last minute if necessary.

My cubicle practice paid off big time when we learned the snatch and the clean and jerk for real. I was solid with the pvc pipe rather quickly and I felt confident in my movements. I watched this video on how to teach the snatch three times today and I think that really made the difference. Jim started showing the different components and I was like ohhh, I remember this.

We used the barbells to practice the snatch for real but we didn't get a chance to do that with the clean and jerk. The barbell I used had 35 lbs plates on it. At first I scared myself a little when I tried to snatch and didn't follow through. I tried a few times and my last attempt was apparently pretty decent.

Basically I'm already obsessed with CrossFit and can't wait for next week so I can start making an ass out of myself doing the WOD. When I got to my parents' tonight, I was demonstrating what I learned with a broom and neither my parents nor my cat were impressed. Perhaps they're not my target audience.

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