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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kettlebell Snatch Test

I went to CrossFit last night before soccer. Yes, I know, I am badass. I put a lot of thought into my outfit because I wanted something that I could wear to both the game and the WOD. I went with a pair of Nike Just Do It shorts, a white sports bra, and navy tank that match the undershorts. I am fully dedicated to color-coordination in my workout gear, even though I only wear dresses to work because I cannot be bothered to put separates together.

Those cracked out eyes are the result of 4 or less hours of sleep each night this week.
Why can't I fall asleep???
The strength portion of the WOD was snatch grip behind the neck press. Since I'm new and uncoordinated, the coach and I decided I would use the bar without plates and work on my form. Apparently I have forgotten everything I learned about the snatch last Friday. I clearly needed more practice time with the broom. I really wish the coaches would introduce themselves (or wear name tags!) because I really liked this girl but now she is just "Blonde Coach with Sick Quads" to me and unfortunately that name isn't listed on the schedule.

The conditioning portion was 5 minutes of unbroken kettlebell snatches. We partnered up and whoever wasn't snatching was counting. I liked my partner so much I asked for her number so we could coordinate our schedules. Her name is Amanda. Anyway, we decided to use a 10kg (22 lbs) kettlebell although 16kg (35 lbs) was the women's weight. I tried using the 12kg (26 lbs) kettlebell for practice but was just too heavy. I managed 127 snatches in the 5 minutes. This means the weight was too light for me because Anthony said ideally we'd be able to perform 20 snatches a minute. I think an 11kg (24lbs) kettlebell would have been just right but alas, there were none.


  1. Looking good!!

    Agreed on work ensembles. Dresses are only way to go.


    1. I have 2 dresses with necklaces attached. It is so easy to get dressed when your accessories are included.

      Who is this by the way?


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