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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Running Day

National Running Day is June 5th this year. Since I haven't been so great about running on National Running Day in previous years, I was adamant about running on this very special day in 2013.

And then this happened.

Guess who dragged her still drunk ass out of bed to go running and was out pounding the pavement by 5:38 AM? The drunk girl below making (what she thinks are) sexy faces at herself in the mirror.

Please take a moment to acknowledge how a diet of
Adderall chased by Ritalin has been really paying off.
I also found it appropriate to photograph my bruise. I think it might be time to reconsider spanking now that it's bikini season.

So I'm having the time of my life running over to Central Park and I see an apartment building where I used to wake up a lot. At least I think it's the apartment building I used to wake up in. I thought you all needed to know this so I took a photo.

For the second time ever, I beat T to the park! So I sat on a bench, checked in on foursquare, and took awkward selfies.

It's a little under 1.5 miles from my place to the park and then T and I ran the smaller loop which Garmin tells me is 5.6 miles. I headed over to Juice Generation for a Peanut Butter Split on the way back so I didn't really run much as I was busy enjoying a delicious breakfast treat. The beauty of running 7 miles in the morning is that you can pretty much sweat out all the alcohol and then feel awesome for a full day of work.

And I hope you appreciate that I wrote this post EXACTLY the way my drunk self intended.


  1. I've always maintained that running with a hangover is harder than running the last 5K of a marathon. But that being said, I think we both know which is the better choice. ;p

    1. running the last 5K of the marathon hungover is one of the hardest things i've ever done... twice.


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