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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Break Up

After a long period of reflection, I have decided to terminate my membership at Equinox. I first joined the Roslyn Equinox in 2007 and later became an all-access member in 2008. For many years, I found that Equinox fit all of my fitness needs, but as more of my favorite instructors have moved on to other ventures and my work schedule has changed, I haven't felt motivated to attend classes as I once I did.

Today I signed the contract ending my membership, effective May 1. It felt like I was breaking up with a boyfriend. Or at least I imagine it's what it feels like to break up with a boyfriend. My relationships tend to end in two ways:
  1. The guy decides he is no longer interested in me and neglects to tell me for days and sometimes even weeks.
  2. I never actually break up with the guy, instead dragging him through months, and sometimes even years, of quasi-emotional abuse until I get bored or he cries uncle.
My breakup with Equinox seems a lot more amicable and we seem to be on the same page.

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