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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Breaking News: Darryl Gaines Quit Equinox


This morning I thought I was going to Tripp Doherty's 6:30 AM spin class. Too bad it starts at 6 AM. Oops. I ended up getting on the bike at 6:25 and enjoying an awesome half hour ride. While there, I learned that Darryl Gaines has left Equinox.

Say what?

I haven't heard why Darryl decided to leave, but perhaps he got the idea from another person who has recently decided to part ways with the gym...

I'm not in Manhattan right now, but I can only imagine that mass hysteria. I'm not being facetious - people really love Darryl and I'm not sure how they plan on getting through the day without him. Actually, I do have an idea - invite Tripp Doherty to take over the lunchtime classes.


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