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Monday, April 8, 2013

Sunday Funday

Yesterday was an epically good Sunday. I didn't go out Saturday because my body has been possessed by good decision making aliens and watched Ted on the couch with Lauren instead. I was well rested and awake when I received a text message inviting me to get in bed across the street at 9 AM. If this is being a grown-up, I'll take it.

I had been looking forward to Sunday all week because I had plans to go see Jurassic Park 3D. Yes, one of the best movies from 90s, in all of its original glory, IN 3D! I laughed, I screamed, I buried my head in the shoulder of the person sitting next to me - it was glorious. Remember the scene where the velociraptor jumps on top of the kitchen table? It is so much better when the velociraptor pops out of the screen!

I felt like Tim one day in my office last summer.
We stopped by Juice Generation before the movies and sneaked in our own snacks. But I insisted on getting popcorn too because movie theater popcorn is the best. When I was little, my mom would take my sister and me to the movies and let us have "movie dinner", which is just another way of saying, "You can eat popcorn, candy, and soda instead of anything of nutritious value tonight." I had a wonderful childhood.

PB Açai™ bowl
The PB Açai™ bowl was pretty dang good, but I think the granola could have been replaced with Cap'n Crunch. Apparently not the point of Juice Generation but meh.

I caught up on some work and then Lauren and I went for a 5+ mile walk around Central Park and back.

I honestly just wanted an excuse to wear a shirt that said I've run a 50K

Lauren made a delicious dinner of spinach pasta and roast chicken and then we watched Chanel West Coast make an ass out of herself on Ridiculousness. I am living the dream.

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