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Friday, April 12, 2013

Photos from February

I found these pictures on my desktop from February and I guess I intended to write a post about them and forgot.

I definitely got dressed for a run on Saturday but didn't end up running until Sunday.
Loving my new (at the time) grey matty m leggings
I got my hair cut and colored instead.
Try getting lowlights instead of highlights. Similar look without the awkward roots.
 Shoe shot!
I have two pairs of Brooks ASR 9s. This pair is the first pair they sent me.
 Nice cold run by Oyster Bay.
I didn't wear gloves that day like an idiot.
Gratuitous selfie.

 Looking out towards Centre Island

 Old school phone just chilling in a fence.

I make my mom take really awkward photos of me.
This is a GREAT look for me.

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