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Friday, April 26, 2013

East River Runs

Lately I've been returning to my old familiar running route, the East River Esplanade. I leave the apartment, run towards the river, and then run up towards 125th and back. I like to make the run a solid 5 miles so sometimes this requires me stopping the Garmin and walking home or actually running a little extra. It really depends on what kind of creepers are lurking at 125th near the fence and how early I decide to turn around to avoid them.

Wednesday's run was a get outside and clear my mind run. Wednesday was less than stellar and I needed to get out of my head. Look at that first mile - 6:48 minutes. Booyah.

Last Thursday I did pretty much the same run, but I was focused on increasing my turnover. I found that I was able to run more quickly without feeling like I was running any harder. These years of long distances have changed what I consider fast or moderate, so it was nice to know I could still move reasonably well. I am a moron and hit lap instead of pause, which is why the fifth mile is only 0.97 miles and the 6th lap is 0.03 miles.

I've been wearing shorts and a pullover for my evening runs. No undershirt required.

This is in the shop next to my office.
You're welcome.

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