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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sweat It Out

This morning I woke up to a novella of a text message in response to some long ass diatribe I made about feelings and the future and God only knows what else. Three bottles of wine at happy hour lead me to confess feelings I didn't even know I was capable of having to my very convenient hook up across the street. I am an idiot.

Instead of feeling shame, I dragged my ass next door for a prosciutto, egg, and mozzarella cheese and booted up my work computer. Then I realized it was covered in water. Miraculously, it still works.

I went to TranscendCycle at 12:30 PM. It was a killer ride. I love this class so much and I get to go enough to have semi-regular status. I sit next to a girl named Melissa and Darryl calls us out by name. TranscendCycle is more of a dance party than a spinning class, and I find myself having flashbacks to Governors Ball.

Then I went to Bikram at 6 PM. It was vicious and I loved it. I haven't been to Bikram in years and I finally got to try out Bikram Herald Square. The place is awesome and I will be writing a full review soon.

Sweating out my hangover was the best decision I could have made today. It kept my mind off of my stupidity and I felt pretty damn awesome by the time my 8:30 PM conference call rolled around.

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