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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Casual Day in Marin

I was recently in San Francisco for work. Over the course of a week, I viewed more PowerPoint presentations than I can count, drank too much, angered my friends, and managed NOT to get fired. All in all, successful trip.

The running partner/neighbor who used to live across the street from me and motivate me to drag my ass around Central Park has moved back to California. I'd say boo but he has a much sicker set up out there. Kudos to you bud.

We made plans to run some trail in Marin on the Saturday after my work obligations ended.

Check out that awesome color-coordination.
For some reason, I own a lot of turquoise and neon yellow running apparel. I was so set with socks that matched my shorts and sports bra and sneakers that matched my pullover. This is gear from different companies mind you. I got those shoes for free from Brooks for being a wear tester, but you can buy a pair here.

I was effing starving so I went to Mel's Drive-In to house a meat lover's breakfast.

My former running partner and his buddy showed up and picked me up. We drove out to Marin.

parking lot for the trail
entrance to the trail
in a tree!
Thankfully my former neighbor knows that photographs are important for the blog and offers to take them or be in them.
look at that view

I'm entertaining running the Dipsea Race one day. I almost fell during this short portion so I'm not sure how wise that idea is.

The run was awesome. It was beautiful and mostly downhill. I felt so free just throwing myself into the run and enjoying the fresh air and the woods, and the promise of the ocean in a few short miles.

We met back up with our buddy who was meeting us with the car at the other side. Then we drove to the Pelican Inn to drink wine and eat cheese. 

all runs end at the bar
hipster heaven

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