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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Erik Von Detten Look-Alike at Equinox

Today I went to TranscendCycle at 12:30 PM over at Columbus Circle. I noticed that someone named Luke had signed up for Melissa's bike, bike number 8, and since I was signed up for bike #7, this Luke ended up next to me. Don't worry, Melissa had the pedal on bike #9 fixed (my bike) and we were in a nice little row.

So this Luke character walks in and warmly (and kind of loudly) greets Darryl. Obviously he is a regular at one of the TranscendCycle classes because Darryl greets him warmly as well. And yes, this is what I choose to spend my time doing - analyzing the dynamics between members and instructors at Equinox and assigning positions within the social fitness hierarchy.

Luke has a striking resemblance to the love of my life, Erik Von Detten. Although he was in The Princess Diaries, I first fell in love with Erik while watching the Disney classic Brink. Luke's hair is very early Erik Von Detten, which combined with the features of older Erik Von Detten, made me very distracted. And he smelled good.

Erik Von Detten in photos

It was a great workout with great music and great energy. I also thought I was having a heart attack. And I kept sneaking glances to my right. Maybe I need to join Curves or another ladies only gym?

I blame my susceptibility to great hair and the scent of deodorant on the fact that I was too tired to have sex last night. TOO. TIRED. TO. HAVE. SEX. Yes, the apocalypse is now upon us and you should be fortifying your homes and stocking up on food stuffs.

Speaking of food stuffs, I made dinner last night. Like, made salad dressing from scratch made dinner last night. (Alright, I just reheated the pork roast, but that salad was made by my own hands!) After working all day, going to the grocery store, taking more work calls, and then preparing dinner, I was so tired. I've come to the realization that without Chinese delivery, the American people would cease to reproduce.

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  1. Thank you for texting me about my post but I love comments here more. So now I'm just sharing my texts.

    Alyssa: The pictures of Eric Von whatever in your blog. I die!

    Amanda: Ps I loved brink. Great post


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