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Saturday, July 6, 2013

CrossFit Central LI

CrossFit Central LI, also known as CrossFit Syosset, is 7.3 miles and 15 minutes away from my parents' house. Since we all know how often I go to my parents' house, it was only a matter of time before I would be seeking out a box for weekend use (and every other opportunity I get to escape Manhattan.)

I emailed the owner Chris and he welcomed me to drop-in. I AM OBSESSED.

I love the window reflection shot and it's my blog so deal with it.

On Friday I headed over to Robbins Lane for the 3:15 PM class, got hopelessly lost 17 feet away from the entrance, and drove back to my house to do what anyone would do when they are frustrated, sweating, and missing their workout: eat large quantities of bread with butter. I cooled down, called up Chrysler to complain about my air conditioner not working AGAIN, regrouped and headed back for the 5:15 PM class.

I'm not sure if Jesse or my mom is the worse photographer.
Audrey, when can you start?
I gave myself so much time to find the entrance that I arrived 30 minutes early. Fine by me because I got to see what the WOD would be. The coach, PJ, came over to say hi when the 4:15 class ended and I felt welcomed by everyone right away. This felt much less intimidating than walking into CrossFit Hell's Kitchen. I think I'm just much more comfortable on Long Island in general, but it also helped that the place wasn't packed with really attractive guys. (Not that the folks here aren't attractive, but there were only eight of us in there on account of the holiday weekend.)

never so thrilled to see a building before

Warm Up:
Run 400M, 200M, 100M

Amrap in 7 min:
10 Thruster @ 155/115
10 Pull ups
Rest 3 min.

Amrap in 5 min:
12 Thruster @ 115/75
12 Pull ups
Rest 3 min.

Amrap in 3 min:
15 Thruster @ 85/45
15 Pull ups
Complete as many reps in each round as possible.

Round 1: 63 lbs and I made it through 3 reps in the round plus about 6 more thrusters and then I wanted to throw up. And by pull-ups, I mean launching my body around wrapped in 2 green bands. It looked nothing like a pull-up.

Round 2: 53 lbs, 2 reps, no-repped myself every other fake ass pull-up. It was effing hard.

Round 3: 43 lbs, 1 rep.

Obviously I had the time of my life so I went back this morning. I got to meet Chris and I was psyched when I saw Interval Sprints on the website.

loved breaking out the Saucony racing flats for interval sprints

So we started off by running around the building. If you were up at 8 AM this morning in NY, you would know that it was already 80 freaking degrees. Then we did my favorite things ever, which are kettlebell snatches. I used an 8kg kettlebell, although I realized that I shortchanged myself because I used a 10kg the last time I did them. We had 5 minutes to do 100. I had time to spare so I definitely should've used something heavier.

We did four or five rounds of 10 push-ups, 100M sprint, and 10 kettlebell swings. It turns out I have been half-assing my push-ups for years so now I make myself get on the ground for each and every one of them. I just can't get back up.

To finish off the WOD, we sprinted 50M and jogged back ten times. The sprint started every 40 (maybe 45?) seconds so it behooved us to jog back to the starting line if we wanted any type of rest. (Nice use of behoove there, huh? I'm more than just a pretty face.)

As I walked to my car, I found myself saying, "I love CrossFit!" out loud. I get what all the hullabaloo has been about because there was nowhere I wanted to be on a hellishly hot Saturday morning more than that parking lot.

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