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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Take Your Friend to CrossFit Day

Yesterday my friend Nick, who is finally back from Jordan, came to CrossFit with me. I have been looking forward to this day since he casually mentioned that he would like to drop in when he was in New York and then casually mentioned that that would be in a week. I'm just a wee bit tempted to set up a Google calendar with alerts requesting him to update his whereabouts, but I'm afraid that that might border on super creepy. Regardless, I am thrilled that he is back in the United States.

Anyway, I had all these dreams of amazing photos of us together and how this would be the best post ever because it would be well-documented. But then Nick was late and I prioritize the workout over the photo op. (Sorry Audrey and other "readers" who only look at the pictures.)

I would like to point out that my shorts were longer than Nick's.

Nick was getting one-on-one muscle-up training while
I ran to take stalker photos of him from the upstairs landing.
They didn't come out very well because he wouldn't stop moving. Selfish.


Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Press

Warm Up

5 X 40%
5 X 50%
3 X 60%


3 X 70%
3 X 80%
3 + 90%


3 Rounds for time:
20 Burpees
30 Weighted Ab Mat Sit Ups 45/25
40 Split Jumps

What really happened:

I had really high hopes for myself and took 5 lbs and 10 lbs plates. Once I had dropped down to 2.5 lbs plates, I managed 3 presses before getting the bar stuck on my neck. It was seriously going to stay there for the rest of the day until a guy in the class took pity on me and helped me get it down. I removed the plates and attempted the press with just the bar. This I could do, although not so well. My Good Samaritan kept trying to spot me, but thankfully I didn't need him.

I was super excited for the conditioning portion ALL DAY because I can do burpees, sit ups, and split jumps. Nick and I set our stations up next to each other and I managed to keep in time with him for seven whole burpees. Then he proceeded to crush it and I tried not to be distracted by him. He finished in like eight minutes or something insane like that and then decided to give me encouragement. By encouragement, I mean he told me to "suffer in silence" and to "stop being such a drama queen." Thanks Nick. That was exactly what I wanted to hear.

The last round of burpees were killer, but I think I did them. I know I wasn't launching my body up from the right position, but I did get up. The 25 lbs weighted sit ups weren't as bad as I expected. I slowed down significantly by the end, but part of that was being afraid I was going to drop it on my head. A guy in the 4 PM class did that and it looked like it hurt. I no repped the first 11 split jumps in my final round because I knew I wasn't getting low enough. I completed 40 real ones, even if my legs were pretty wobbly at the end. I finished in 11:52 and for the very first time I was able to write (RX) after my name on the board. Fuck yeah.

After some quick showers (where I was dressed and ready to go way before Nick even had his pants buttoned), we stopped by my office so I could drop off my gym stuff and pick up my purse parade Nick around my floor and introduce him to my friends. We don't get many tall, attractive, muscular, straight men over here in education non-profit land. Sure, we've got some folks that fit some of the criteria but I'm pretty sure I've never seen a guy with all four. I am SHAMELESS.

Nick told me he's going back to CrossFit tonight and wanted to know if I wanted to go, but obviously, since it's Thursday, I am going to happy hour.

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