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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kings Park 15K

So I've been wearing my Kings Park 15K sweatshirt around this weekend because it's red, white, and blue and it occurred to me that I never wrote a post on the race.

Back on March 16, I rolled up to Kings Park to basically pay to do my long run. I had finished the Caumsett 50K two weeks before, my legs were dead, and a "scenic, hilly 9.3 mile run through the beautiful and challenging roads of Kings Park" sounded like a great way to get off my ass.

Did I mention my legs were dead?

March 2013 was a lot colder than previous Marches and as you can see from my delightfully patriotic outfit, long sleeves, gloves, and pants were necessary. Not really my ideal running conditions.

I also assumed that there would be more than one porta-potty on the course so I didn't go before the race started. And I regretted it for over 8 miles.

I was such a chunkster!

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