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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Lost Week(end)

So I've been missing in action in blogging for about a week. The Latino Summit got fun, our plane rides got rowdy, and then somehow the weekend happened. The only thing I have to say for myself is I've learned you shouldn't eat things you find in your friend's couch.

Last Tuesday I did get up for Bikram yoga as I promised. At 4:45 AM my alarm started going off and then my poor roommate thought it was her 7:45 AM alarm and kept trying to turn it off using her password. It was comical and just a little bit sad.

My coworker and I got into a taxi that drove us the 1.8 miles to Bikram Yoga Houston for the 5:30 AM class. I really liked the studio and it was super clean. Bikram has the potential to get gross (i.e. smelly and moldy) real fast and I am all about hypoallergenic studios. We had a great class with Tony (pictured below with us) and I loved hearing his cues in his Texas accent. It made lying on my arms in Locust Pose a lot more pleasant than the New York accents I'm used to hearing. We had just enough time to walk back to our hotel, take ridiculously fast showers, and make it to the Welcome Breakfast.

I cannot explain my face here except to say I had already completed a 90 minute Bikram class by 7 AM.
I also made it back to CrossFit Central Long Island, which I love and wish I could go to all of the time. We did a warm-up of double-unders (haha, I just jumped rope but one day I will be able to double-under with the best of them), squats, and planks. The skill of the day was front squat (my favorite) and hang power cleans. I asked the coach, Chad, to work on my hang power cleans with me and I was super excited when he told me I did one perfectly. For some reason, I only seek approval in the gym.

The WOD was 20-15-10 ball slams and pull-ups, followed by two minutes rest, and then 10-15-20 American kettlebell swings and burpees. I used a 20 lbs ball and majorly assisted pull-ups and completed the first portion in 6:04. I used a 26 lbs kettlebell for the swings and finished the second portion in 7:21. I had to take off my t-shirt during the last round of burpees because I was convinced it was choking me to death, although that may have been entirely mental. Good thing my sports bra matched my shorts.

Keeping track because my mind goes to mush after the first 2 minutes.
As I left to walk to my car, I thought how much I love the scent of chalk in my nose and I realized how silly I have been lately avoiding CrossFit, although in my defense, I have been traveling a lot lately and I have been working out.

I can get behind any gym that has kegs as equipment.

I've learned a lot since my first Essentials class in June, like how to set up a weight rack and what the hell a thruster is, but I think most importantly I've learned about confidence and humility. I didn't think I had a problem with confidence, because in many aspects of my life I think I am fucking fantastic. I think I had gotten pretty used to knowing what I was doing and being one of the best - Of course I know how to hinge kick and Yes, I normally place in or win my age group. I've had to admit that I have no idea what I'm doing and that I need help. Asking for this help has been difficult because I don't like admitting I don't know something, but everyone I meet has been incredibly helpful, kind, and welcoming. I don't think I had the same generosity of spirit when I was guarding my coveted front row spot at kickboxing. So CrossFit is good for me, not just because I'm developing sick muscles (one day I will have a sub-6 minute Fran FYI), but also because I need a little work in the personal development area.

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