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Monday, July 8, 2013

Mid-Morning CrossFit

Today I went to CrossFit at 11:30 AM. I had arrived at work early and intend to stay late so I wanted to get my workout in during a more quiet time of the day. It was super simple to tell everyone where they could find me in case they needed me and then walk take the elevator downstairs.

Don't I look cute in my work clothes?
Just so everyone knows, I only take photos of myself in locker rooms when no one else is around. Just because I feel totally comfortable posting pictures of myself in all states of undress doesn't mean I don't respect other people's privacy. Since no one else was in the locker room with me, I snapped away.

Quick costume change.
The 11:30 AM class is pretty empty, which I loved. Less people means more attention for me!


Front Squat

Warm Up

5 X 40%
5 X 50%
3 X 60%


3 X 70%
3 X 80%
3 + X 90%


60 C2B Pullups for time*

*EMOM including the first minute – 5 Burpee Over-the-Box Jumps 20″ (no touch on top)

What really happened:

I almost took off my foot trying to set up the barbell rack stand. I got up to 73 lbs for the front squat. I love all these percentage things because they in no way apply to me yet. I'll get there because it absolutely kills me not to be good at things. I also don't believe that there's anything I can't do if I simply put the time and effort in.

Conditioning was more fun than a barrel of monkeys. I used the little box because let's be honest, I like my shins. While I didn't have an issue with the burpees, I struggled hardcore with the scaled pull-ups for Anthony told me to knock them down to 3. I knew that I needed both the blue and purple bands to do the pull-ups, but unfortunately I was having trouble getting in and out of them. Once Anthony showed me how to climb up the side of the rack to get into the bands, I was cruising. I probably should have gone back to 5 burpees. I finished in 13:36 out of the 15 minute time limit.

post-work-out and pre-shower

I was a sweaty, dripping, chalk covered mess. Taking Selby's advice, I took a really cold shower and that lowered my core temperature enough that I was able to get dressed without immediately sweating through my clothes.

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