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Friday, July 5, 2013

Motivating Others

When I started this blog in 2010, I fully expected it to go the way of Creed's Word document and never be read by anyone besides me. Turns out I do have readers, although I've learned my primary demographic is twenty-something males. Might have something to do with the half-dressed selfies...

Anyway, I absolutely love when people reach out and tell me that In Shape Out of Mind inspired them to work out, try something new, or push themselves past what they thought possible. Sarah posted this to Instagram the other evening:

I am so proud of you Sarah, even if you now hate me for posting this on the Internet! Keep up the good work!

What's less cool is when you find out that the person you slept with for a few months who always acted as if he had no idea you had a blog was actually the person who sent you these messages months before you knew he existed. I knew his name sounded familiar.

WTF is a 25K mile?

Awesome or creepy, I am glad that I am having a positive impact on people and motivating them to push themselves.

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