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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Alyssa's Advanced Step Class

I was very flattered when friends and acquaintances told me how much they enjoy reading In Shape Out of Mind on Saturday. I figured it was about time I got my ass in gear and posted some drafts that have been  lollygagging in my dashboard. I started this post on Saturday, December 29, 2012.

I love step aerobics. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find good old fashioned step aerobics. No weights, no intervals - just 60 to 90 minutes of heart pumping, sweat inducing cardio dance moves on a step. Three Equinox clubs offer Cardio Step: 54th & 2nd, 19th & Broadway, and Brooklyn Heights. None of these classes are convenient for me on the days and times offered. It kills me.

Alyssa has been telling me all about her awesome advanced step class for months. Thankfully she generously offered to take me with her.

I drove up to Westchester Friday afternoon. Alyssa and I sat in the sauna for 45 minutes, basking in the dry heat. Apparently most people can't tolerate the sauna for so long? Hmmm. After showering and going to Alyssa's house, we drove up to Greenwich to go to Tengda for dinner. I love Tengda almost as much as I love step aerobics. They make a cocktail called the Pomegranate Mojito Martini, which is made from unicorn horns and sparkles. It is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted, and I don't even like cocktails (except for gin martinis but I'm not allowed to have those anymore because gin makes me mean.)

unicorn horns and sparkles
The unicorn horn and sparkles cocktail is so magical that you can drink three (plus 2 cranberry vodka shots your waiter brought over and the glass of wine you enjoyed once home) and still be up at 6:55 AM feeling awesome and ready to go to Power Step.

According to New York Sports Club Larchmont's website, Power Step is a "high-intensity step class featuring leaps, jumps, running and other propulsive moves to increase intensity." I say that Power Step was the best hour of 2012.

Thankfully Alyssa taught me a few of the more advanced moves before we got there. The V-Step Stutter has the potential to be very tricky. I hopelessly struggled with around the world and anything else that required moving over the step.

Most gym use the grey steps and the black risers. If I owned a gym, I'd order only these.
I had a great time and would love to go again soon. Step is great for cardio and for toning your legs and glutes. Does anyone want to get a petition going to convince Equinoxes across Manhattan to bring back step?
the studio at NYSC Larchmont

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