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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 16 Whole 30 - Weight Loss Wednesday 1.23.13

Last night, after 30/60/90, I was at the 50th Street subway station and I saw a Chinese man holding a bag of Chinese takeout. And I seriously considered stealing it from him. Come up from behind, grab the bag, and take off running steal it from him. My name is Alessandra and I know I have a problem.

Their smiley faces taunt me.
I fell off the Whole 30 wagon this weekend. There was alcohol, cheese, French baguette, and taco shells. I'm not proud of myself but I am once more clean. No orders were placed to Hunan Delight, but I did eat sushi. I can't believe I now consider sushi a cheat meal. This is progress.
My progress was solid last week and I can definitely tell that I gained some weight this weekend.
This is proof that I can't play with bread, rice, or cheese at all.
I went to 30/60/90 in a wonderfully color-coordinated outfit. Take a look at that sweaty pile of awesome.

Since I pretty much stand all day, my legs are often swollen. Socks, jeans, and boots have been leaving me with some awkward looking marks that I'm a little embarrassed by when I show up to class.

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