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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Volleyball is Dangerous

Alright, maybe it's the competitive drinking after volleyball that is dangerous. Last night I broke my nose. Again. For the third time.

I broke my nose the first time on an unnecessarily large wooden headboard. Five months later I fell off a bar. I think. Can anyone confirm this? All I really remember is waking up and finding my pillows covered in blood.

Last night I was dominating flip cup when I went to use the ladies room and promptly ran my face into the toilet paper dispenser. Yup. True story.

When I came out, my teammate Matt told me I was bleeding and it was time for me to go home. Why don't I have more people like him in my life? Do you think Matt would be my personal good decision coach?

Since I'm always thinking about this blog, even when I'm drunk and in pain, I found this gem from last night on my phone this morning.

In other news, I wasn't too bad at volleyball last night. Most of my serves went over the net and I made an effort to go after the ball. I was one of two girls playing and two girls need to be on the court at all times so I played all of the three games. This was good since it took me two games to warm up.

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