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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Three Boroughs Run

Today the Professor and I ran a casual 10 miles over the Triboro, through Astoria, over the Pulanski, through Williamsburg, and over the Williamsburg Bridge to the Lower Eastside.

I've tumbled off the Paleo wagon so hard, I've got bruises - or maybe those are because I like to drink? I woke up in my own bed this morning, wearing sweats, and my phone was in a bag of rice. I have little recollection of my Irish Exit last evening, but when I wake up in a winning situation, I don't complain. I had more than enough time to chug seltzer water and eat a nutritious breakfast slash watch The Young and the Restless.

The Professor and I met outside of 7-Eleven at noon and took off towards the East River Esplanade.

The bridges in the distance.
We ran over the bridge to Ward Island. I really dislike that bridge because it makes me feel nauseous. I'm convinced that I am going to slip and fall right off of it.

Ward Island
We ran to the entrance of the pedestrian path on the Triboro Bridge. This lovely cage doesn't last for long. The concrete walls that you can see below are that height all along the bridge WITHOUT THE CAGE. Between the cars and the snow and the lack of protection from falling to our deaths, it was a little nerve-wracking. I handled it better than the Professor, but I don't blame him for being less than pleased by the situation. I am afraid of the Brooklyn Bridge so I'm not sure why the Triboro didn't get to me.

I appreciate that the Professor wears shorts over his tights.
We ran through Astoria, making a pit stop at the car wash so that I could use the restroom. My healthy breakfast of chicken and vegetables had come back to haunt me. Or maybe it was the pickleback shots from the evening before...

It's interesting to watch the people and neighborhoods change throughout this run. At about mile 5 (still in Astoria), we saw our first hipster. Brooklyn was full of them. Hipsters make me itch.

The Williamsburg Bridge was probably the coolest of the four bridges we ran on today.

The Professor on the Williamsburg Bridge
a mural
Selfie on the Williamsburg Bridge
The ascent of the bridge is pretty challenging with the wind, but the descent is awesome. I just trucked it the last mile downhill.

Right after I took this picture.

My Garmin satellites didn't catch until about .4 of a mile into the run, so I think I ran closer to 10.5 miles.

We had brunch at a place we passed called Donnybrook on the Lower Eastside. Brunch is $14 for a meal and THREE alcoholic beverages. Amazing.

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