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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 1 Take 2 of Whole 30

Yesterday I accidentally ate MSG so today is Day 1 Take 2 of Whole30. I didn't use an alarm clock and woke up at 7:34 AM on my own. I stayed in bed checking my email, text messages, and Facebook alerts until about 8. I never get any messages when I am awake past 10 PM, but if I'm asleep, I become super popular. And I will remind you all again - if you want to have a beer with me at 2 AM on a weeknight, you need to call and wake me up. A text message will not suffice.

However, I have stayed away from alcohol and I'm remaining strong.

I had prosciutto and apricots for breakfast. My black coffee is still sitting on my desk, and I will enjoy it at lukewarm temperatures this afternoon.

For lunch I had white asparagus, skirt steak, spring mixed greens, and avocado slices. I finally learned that I should I under-cook my steak so that heating it up in the microwave cooked it to medium-rare. I hate charco-tar biscuits and it only took  me four years of professional life to figure this trick out.

Lunchtime is less exciting now that I no longer receive an email from reception saying, "Your lunch is here!" I might ask the receptionist to email me that anyway just to bring the joy back.

The other day I was casually looking up 50 mile races on the internet and I found the JFK 50 Mile entry standards. I am going to took my own horn and point out that I qualify for A-Standard based on my Caumsett 50K time of 5:08:44. I feel a lot better about running the Rock The Ridge Endurance Challenge now that I know that I qualify for the cool kids team for a race run primarily by military personnel.

That being said, I skipped my long run this weekend because I am a lush who prioritizes bad behavior and sex. Is anyone up for a post-work long run on Thursday? Leave a comment or message me directly if you're interested.

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