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Sunday, January 20, 2013


So the other day I went to log into my Runners World training log and it seems that I no longer have an account. Um weird?

No bother because I wasn't too happy with the RW after I got my Garmin. I ended up having to use one to log my equipment use and Garmin Connect/Daily Mile to log my overall miles and routes. Extra steps means I probably won't use it. Although my Garmin is currently in the shop (more about that later), I have been using the Garmin Fit app. New year, new miles, new logging system.

I decided I wanted a website that would allow me to upload my Garmin training from both my Forerunner and the Fit app, to track the mileage on all of my running shoes and other gear, and that had a widget for my blog. One exceptionally boring conference call later and I had Googled my way to RunningAHEAD.

This is a free site that feeds my inner data junkie. As you can see in the screenshot below, you're given weekly run stats, monthly run stats, rolling run totals, and overall run totals. Right now I've only logged default runs, but my graph will show long, tempo, race, hill, fartlek, and easy runs once I start logging them as such.

I'm a fan of the Run Entry form because it has a place for equipment and includes my interval splits from my Garmin upload. At about 350 miles, I start using my shoes for short runs and the fake team sports I play, like kickball and volleyball. With closets full of running shoes, logging miles for each pair is extremely helpful. Unfortunately I cannot log into RW to figure out how many miles are already on the pairs I have.

I had been using Daily Mile's blog widget but since I never bothered to upload my run to Daily Mile, it looked like I never ran at all. I have since switched to one of RunningAHEAD's widgets. You can choose which format you like best, but this is my favorite because it has your last run's info and mileage for the week, month, and year.
If you're looking for an easy way to collect all of your run data in one place, check out RunningAHEAD. There's also a forum section where runners can join groups and post about different topics. I've been looking around on there and it seems like a pretty nifty community if you're into posting.

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