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Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 4 Whole 30 - Breakfast Panic Attack

I don't like to leave food in my refrigerator over the weekend, so I refused to go grocery shopping last night. I also finished the last of the eggs. I don't know how delusional I was this morning thinking that I would just pick something up to eat on the way to work, but clearly there is nothing that I can order to my office that I can eat that is remotely appetizing.

So I freaked out and guzzled coffee all morning. I've been drinking the hazelnut.

I finally couldn't take it anymore so I threw together things I had in my desk or in the work fridge - half an avocado, a tuna pouch, and pecans. Surprisingly amazing. It had the consistency I always liked about eating yogurt and oatmeal in the morning, including the pecan crunch I crave. I'm going to keep this in my back pocket every time I need a quick and easy breakfast.

I'm really over eggs right now. I had to make myself choke down dinner last night even though it tasted really good.
there was bacon but I ate it before I could photograph it
I didn't want to find myself scrounging for dinner, so I researched paleo chicken options during my grant writing conference call. And I got busted. I had no idea what the question was, but at least I knew I was having paleo coconut chicken for dinner.

Now that you have shamed me, I will not listen AT ALL!
I was actually emailing my mother the ingredient list when I got caught not paying attention. When I got out to Long Island, the sainted woman had already prepped my ingredients*.

cauliflower fried rice ingredients
To make the cauliflower fried rice, grate raw cauliflower, chop a yellow onion, and buy pre-sliced Shitake mushrooms. Cook the onions in coconut oil, add the mushrooms, wait until the onions are translucent, add the "rice" and let it cook through.

*My mom saved me a piece of cauliflower so I could practice but then I almost cut off my finger so she did it for me.

 I used this recipe for the coconut chicken. Thanks Paleo Plan.

Surprisingly easy to make.
The meal was delicious. Just as a heads up, I pounded the chicken breasts so they'd be thinner and fry more easily. I was also thrilled to eat vegetables that weren't green. The next time I make this rice, I'd consider using sesame oil instead of the coconut to add some variety to the dish.

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