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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 5 Whole 30 - I Ate Butter

So I just failed Whole30. After going grocery shopping to make my own paleo dinner, I got home to find that my dad was making lobster soup. The recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of butter. I decided that that was a small price to pay to get fresh lobster and calamari in a delicious broth.

Does that mean I can quit yet?

I avoided the bread, the corn, and the mozzarella cheese so I think I'm doing okay. I will refrain from ordering the Whole30 t-shirt now though.

I was looking for ghee for the recipe I had intended to cook myself and couldn't find it at Fairway, Christina's Epicure, or Stop and Shop. Had the soup been made with ghee, it would've been 100% Whole30 friendly. I'll ask my dad for the recipe if anyone's interested. Just comment below.

My amazing mother offered to come to my apartment and help me clean and organize it. We spent four hours in there and the place is transformed. All of you who have been it won't even recognize it. I was too ashamed to take before photos, but here's the finished product.

Closet closest to bed
This closet is now designated as the home for jackets, blazers, pants, boots, heels, and flats.

Tops, skirts, dresses, hamper, cleaning gadgets
The other closet is for the rest of my clothing, the hamper, and things I with which I clean my apartment such as the Swiffer, step stool, and vacuum.

It also houses my extensive sneaker collection.

The other half are at my parents'.

My bathroom closet has NEVER looked this good.

Each basket is organized by item type including dental care, hair care, and hair tools.

I need to buy one more bin for my workout clothes and then I think I will be set.

My mom is even more awesome because she took me to Target to buy more pans. I am so excited to try out my new cast-iron grill pan.

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